We Produce a wide range of Beers, spirits and liqueurs, some seasonal, and some as one time only releases. Here is a list of some of our products:


Core Range Beers

    • Stride Wide Australian Lager
    • Anneke Red Ale
    • HIPA - Hobart IPA
    • Blood Orange Stout

Seasonal and Special Release

    • Keel Haul - Barrel Aged English Strong Ale - 14.3% (Barley Wine for those familiar)
    • Kreyser Imperial Stout - Barrel Aged and non - Barrel Aged
    • Wee Heavy Scotch Ale

Very Special Releases!

  • Mutineer's Just Deserts - Imperial Barrel Aged Stout, with all natural and real additions of vanilla bean, local light-roast coffee beans, chocolate, butter and toasted coconut. Next batch mid to late 2024
  • Colonial Stock Ale




    • Pandora - First Release Single Malt - Sold Out
    • Gorgon - Full beer cask maturation. Likely launching mid 2024


    • A range of small batch rums, including Cask Strength rums. Availability is limited.
    • Tasmanian Spiced Gold


    • The granddaddy of whisky; this is what whisky was before the whisky that we know and love today was developed. We use a recipe that is over 300 years old, which is more than 100 years before the style of whisky we are familiar with became popular.


    • Sold Out.

Golden Rule

    • Distilled beer that some would call 'Beer Whisky'. Our Rule being "waste not want not", and is made from our beer that would have otherwise been disposed of, due to most of our beer being sold in kegs. When bars were closed due to COVID-19, there were a lot of full kegs sitting around. We distilled this into spirit and treated it not unlike whisky.


    • Navigator Gin
    • Dutch Courage Cask Aged Gin - available occasionally.


  • Black Sparrow Coffee & chocolate liqueur
  • Seasonal gin-based fruit liqueurs
  • Insanity pepper - a mouth tingling experience that despite its name, is not overly hot, but it certainly is intense.

We are constantly experimenting when we get the chance and innovating at every opportunity, and may always have some more creations coming in the future.